Flame retardant

The ideal board for fire protection requirements with proof and classification certificate.


Fitting for the use in all objects with high general publics and with fire protection rules.

Schwer Entflammbare Platten

Chipboard B1

size: 265,5 x 210 cm



size: 285 x 210 cm and 366 x 183 cm


Balsaboard Flamsafe

ideal to use as mounting plate for precious veneer and HPL, espacially for large-scale walls and ceiling linings.


HPL and compactboards flame retardant on demand available 

Schwer Entflammbare Platten

Beech plywood B1

size: 122 x 250 cm


Hard plaster chipboard A 2 (inflammable)

size: 300 x 125 cm


All boards are available in different thicknesses. If you have any further questions please contact us. We would be pleased to help you.

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