• Stone-Veneer® fleece makes the surface compatible for all commercial glue
  • Stone-Veneer® peel & stick with selfadhesive backside

  • Stone-Veneer® floor: back-friendly stonefloor. The real stone surface is on a
  • 5 mm thick rubber substrate made from recycled tyres

      Stone-Veneer® wall: ceiling covering with backside PU foam backing for tile adhesive. Different sizes up to 2.500 mm available. Total thickness 8,5 mm

        Stone-Veneer® panel: based on MDF. These wall elements are groove and tongue finished. Fastenings are hidden within the groove part of the panel. As an optional extra suitable surface protection against dirt is available upon request. Size: 1.200 x 300 x 16,5 mm


      Standardsize: 1.220 x 610 mm

      Multi Color: additionally in  2.400 x 900 mm, 2.150 x 1.050 mm, 2.500 x 610 mm

      Autumn & Sahara: additionally in 2.150 x 1.050 mm, 2.500 x 610 mm

      Weight: 1,2 – 1,6 kg/m²

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