Rough/Wave veneer

Larch rough veneer

The new veneer dimension is completely new in optics and impressive in haptics


Nature-/saw-cut optics, latch optics, waves design, there is no limit of creativity and capabilities

We offer  Rough-/Wave veneer and -veneered panels in a great variety in types of wood, as well in smoked/fumed veneers. Natural design in a new dimension.

Type of wood: oak, beech, maple, larch, smoked oak and walnut.

smoked oak
smoked oak


Rough veneers can be brought up on all usual furniture maker boards.

standard sizes

2800 x 2060 mm

2500 x 1250 mm

standard thickness: 4 - 38 mm

The design "rough" allows by a completely new veneer treatment the fabrication of palpable veneer surfaces. As a result of the structured surface, rough-veneered boards need a special surface handling. You will find a detailed survey in our technical bulletin "Treatment of rough-veneered boards"

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